Motivation…Even if it is on TV

Last Sunday was the NYC Marathon. I woke up naturally around 8:30 and started scrolling through my Twitter feed (@runDisneyBelle for those interesed…feel free to follow me!). I saw all these posts for the marathon and from my TrD family. I laid there for a little, and then got the mental guilt trip: “If they’re up in the freezy cold running this, I should be running to prep for my 10k.” I pulled myself out of bed, got into my workout clothes, and went over to the little gym in my apartment complex. Turning on the TV, I proceeded to do two miles in 33 minutes (not too bad), and a full circuit workout. And this was all done by 11 AM. I’ve never been a fan of morning workouts, but I’ll admit that I felt pretty good after this!

There’s something about physically watching something athletic that inspires me to get off my butt and do something. Even last year when I was prepping for the Princess Half, scrolling through runDisney pictures and watching the runDisney TV segments got me all mushy inside, and five seconds later I was lacing up my shoes. Whether it’s running, “Making the Team” featuring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT, or even the season 14 episode of The Simpsons, “Strong Arms of the Ma,” when Marge gets into bodybuilding, seeing these visuals prompts me to go into action mode.

Pinterest has also been a great resource for fitspo. I love searching and pinning workout ideas and muscle-y bodies. And the food. All the delicious, healthy fooooooood.

What are your motivators when it comes to fitness?


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