Nine Miles…Done!

Tonight I accomplished my long run of nine miles. I’m a treadmill runner, and I like to do an improvised Galloway run with distance, not time. (Ex. .10 at 2.5 mph, then .20 at 5.5 mph, rinse and repeat for a mile all at a 1.0-1.5 elevation.)  I alternated between the elliptical and the treadmill, trading off every other mile, AND adding circuit training in between miles. It was quite the evening and I feel SO great about accomplishing this. Going from the elliptical to the treadmill consistently actually helped me get faster throughout the night, and I didn’t feel dead at the end of each mile.

I got back and immediately pounded about 45 Vitalitybits. Despite the fish food smell, these little guys have gotten me through my weeks recently. I ordered the Vitalitybits, and also received a sample of the legit ENERGYbits, which I used to fuel my brain for an 8 AM final exam (on a Monday morning, nonetheless). I ended up with an A in the class (and probably on the exam, too!), and despite the early morning start, I was still going strong for the rest of the day. The bits have helped curb my appetite, so I’m not making Sheetz runs every five seconds for food. I’m also ingesting extra water when I’m taking them (yay hydration!).

Let’s see how I feel in the morning! 58 days to go! 😀


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