25 Days!

25 days until runDisney funtimes!! My long run was nine miles for today, but honestly, I feel like lacing back up and running again right now even though it’s 11 PM. Must be that Runner’s High that people keep talking about.

I’ve noticed that my weight has been dropping steadily over the last week and a half (about two pounds or so). I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been eating as much as I should be, or as often. On average, I eat about twice a day…snacking on peanut butter and pretzels and perhaps a trip to the local pub for a grilled chicken salad or to Subway for a veggie sub. Of course, this is all accompanied by generous doses of water, coffee, and EnergyBits. After I exercise, I just don’t have much of an appetite. I posed the question on my Twitter the other day and was replied to from a follower that it is a common trait amongst distance runners to feel the lack of hunger. I wonder if it’s due to water loading or my body burning up fat or something.

I’m elated to see myself getting tighter in my core area and elsewhere as I progress with my workouts…but I am absolutely terrified of gaining the squish back. I ate tonight after my workout (a big bowl of chili, grilled cheese, and waffle fries–granted, I didn’t finish all of it) and went to WalMart afterward to buy foodstuffs. I had this horrid sensation of guilt wash over me…all because I ate food after a fantastic workout. I know that my body needs to be fueled, and that eating revs up the metabolism to burn more fat. But every time I step on that scale and see the numbers go up, I freak if they jump back into the 130’s. (I’m down to 128-ish now with the GW = 125 and UGW = 120.) I hope that these silly thoughts don’t progress into an ED. I don’t need to be dying on the PHM course and have buzzards peck my eyeballs out.

Anyone else have these thoughts or experience the long distance not-so-hungry-isms?


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