Goodbye January! About Time…

I don’t know what it is about January, but after the New Year’s hype settles down, it turns into a huge bucket of sucky crapola. Must be the weather. Dammit, Elsa!

Anywho, I gave myself the goal to run 100 miles in January. Naturally, that didn’t happen. I got to 58. I’m kind of upset and discouraged with that. I know¬†I shouldn’t beat myself up over it. I mean, 58 is pretty decent for being semi-dedicated for the entire month. I did have a 12-miler and several 6-milers. I did give myself plenty of rest days as to not blow my legs out before GSC weekend. Then school started…blerrrrgh. There goes all motivation to do much of anything except sleep and eat. Ha.

We’ve also had some death hit my campus this month. Within the span of the last few weeks, our music department chair’s father-in-law passed away, a sorority lost a sister to a car crash, and one of our music majors lost his mom to brain cancer. Plus, my best friend’s mom has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so it’s just one mess after another. It’s also the anniversary month of my cousin and grandfather’s deaths.¬†It’s like,¬†come on life, give¬†us a break!¬†Hopefully, the bad luck will go away this month!

While the countdown for Glass Slipper funtimes is now at 18 days, I have secretly been hoping that my peers would understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing this. I say, “Disney World for five days, but I”m running through the parks!” and I’m often greeted with, “I’m so jealous!” rather than, “Good luck! You’ll do awesome!” It’s very frustrating. And it makes me feel very alone, as though I don’t have the support system that I need. I know I have the Team runDisney community, and I am thankful for everyone who has cheered me on so far. But it’s different when it’s my colleagues and musicians that I work with that aren’t giving that extra push. (Sob story for a moment: I had my boyfriend/best friend last year at this time, and I remember his text at 2 AM on the morning of the PHM wishing me good luck and how he couldn’t wait for me to come home. I came back to him lounging in my bed, eating all my chips. It was a wonderful homecoming. Now I come back into my apartment after my workouts and know that I won’t have that this time around, and my heart stings with longing and loneliness as the darkened chasm of my bedroom reflects the emptiness….)

But anyyyyway… it’s a new month with new things to do! Some goals…


1. Finish the GSC. 19.3 isn’t a laughing matter. I’m in Corral J, which puts me in the top 50% of the field. I believe that I’ll¬†have a good cushion of time so I don’t get swept. Once I finish this, I may put my focus into training for my first full!

2. Enjoy my time in Disney World. It is said that when you’re single, it’s time to be selfish and focus on you and your own needs. I’m going down solo, and I really can’t wait to meet Team runDisney¬†bloggers and Tweeters and ‘gramers alike! I’ve decided within the last few hours that I need to spend an extra day in the Orlando area due to the high prices of airline tickets on Monday. I was thinking of hitting a spa or something similar.

3. Keep up with my schoolwork. Now that I’m in a new program, I’m taking three grad classes. On top of this, I’m also in four ensembles with plenty of musical responsibilities. I have to make sure I don’t sink.

4. Long run dedication. I need to do at least two or three more double-digit runs before GSC, within the next 2 weeks. I would like to begin taper by Valentine’s Day.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Happy February!



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