Nine Days!!!


erm…please pardon the excitement.

I’ve finished my last long run of 13.1 today. I wanted to do it all last night but I ended up going 8 miles then stopping due to how late it had become. I finished the last 5.1 today. What an awesome feeling! I jumped on the scale this morning and it read 127.0. I haven’t seen that number since my first week of grad school. Two more pounds until my first goal weight of 125!! My goal is to get there by the time I leave next week. (125.anything still counts!)

I received my first “skinny girl” compliment today from the owner of our local tanning salon. She noticed that when I did my anthem on Saturday that it looked like I had lost weight (not that I was ever big to begin with, she added), so I told her all about the runDisney stuff and that through the running and my diet of fresh nummies and energybits, my weight has decreased in the last month and a half. It really is a slow process, but watching your body transform itself through hard work and dedication is pretty amazing.


Fit Motivation


I have been “pinspired” to scour through fitness motivators on Pinterest before I work out. I find myself getting more out of my workouts and putting forth a greater effort. It’s really starting to show. I walked into Singers rehearsal this morning ready to take on the world and that confidence bloomed over into the best Monday so far this semester!


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