Marine Corps Marathon, Class of 2014

So very happy to announce that I have been selected from the lottery pool to run the 39th Marine Corps Marathon in October! This is such an honor, and a HUGE motivator to get back running. I saw the charge deducted from my account first, and I immediately asked on Facebook’s MCM page, “I just saw the charge. I think that’s a good sign. Can anyone confirm this?” and one of their administrators immediately did, citing, “The charge comes before the email. So you’re in!”

I pretty much died right there on the spot. Running a full marathon is a goal I wanted to accomplish this year, and I was all set with backup races in case I didn’t get into this one. But alas, the charge was there, the email came later, and I’m sitting here wondering what I’ve done to deserve such a TREMENDOUS year so far for myself. Everything is lining up the way it should be.

Any other MCM ’14 runners out there? Congrats to all who got in!!



One thought on “Marine Corps Marathon, Class of 2014

  1. Claire Messinger March 21, 2014 / 12:56 AM

    I too am “in,” and thrilled, as this will be my 5th MCM in a row. It is such a wonderful, emotional, intense experience … much of it you will accomplish alone (i.e. early morning looooooong runs) but it will all be so worth it. As my husband always tells me … “respect the distance!” It is definitely not easy, and mile 22 in Crystal City really sucks, eventhough you only have 4.2 more to go … (operative word, only.) Anyways, “embrace the suck” get out there and train, but don’t over train, and enjoy the journey … finishing is awesome, but so is the ride! Good luck to you on your first marathon … you’re gonna rock it!


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