Running’s Investments

I knew that when I decided to become a runner that it wasn’t going to be cheap by any means. You’ve got race registrations, traveling, expo goodies, hotels, and food for starters. Then you have to look the part. Generic t-shirts and sweatpants just don’t cut it for me at the gym anymore. Now it’s tech shirts, legit workout shorts, compression sockies, sneakers, sports bras, running tights, headbands, etc. Then there’s the training fuel. EnergyBits, fruits/veggies, other feel-good race fuels and nom noms. And the accessories (music, Armpocket, etc.). And the everything else. By the time it all adds, up, it can be an astronomical amount. I’m going to estimate I’ve spent about $3500 so far in my running quest (and that is ONLY an estimate. GSC this year was about $1300-$1400-ish).

Today, I decided to buy new running shoes. I bought my Saucony Pro/Grid Ride 5’s in 2012 when I knew I’d be doing PHM 2013 and starting my running journey. Those have lasted me so far, but I’m starting to notice their wear when I do morning workouts. Since I know I’ll be putting some serious mileage on my legs in the next six months leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon, I decided to go shoe hunting. I really like the Saucony brand, so I decided to stick with it. (I don’t want to screw up my feet too much by changing brands.) After trying on a couple pairs at the Shoe Dept., I headed for Dick’s.

I could stay in Dick’s forever. SO many bright colors and things to buy…I get motivated just by walking in there! I headed straight back for the shoes, and my eyes fell on the Power/Grid Guide 7 shoes. I found my size, put them on, and totally fell in love. Then I checked the price tag.

$119. Holy crap. I’ve never dropped triple-digits on shoes before, running shoes or otherwise. Still, I knew this was an investment, and I was willing to make said investment in the name of my fitness journey and upcoming races.

Before I could change my mind, I took the shoes and immediately went to the checkout, bypassing the Experia Thorlo pad sockies I’ve fallen in love with, the UnderArmour shirts in all the colors of the rainbow, and all the snackies I could buy on impulse. It turns out that if you spend $99+ on Saucony shoes, you receive at $10 iTunes gift card to “Rock Your Run” with! That was a very nice surprise!

I can smell a long run coming for tomorrow. I can’t wait to start breaking these in.Image


Running Countdowns:

Historic Half:  42 days

Marine Corps Marathon: 203 days

Anything else: TBA



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