Motivation Monday

“Seeing you do a million marathons has also peer pressured me just a little bit to try to learn how to like running. So thanks for being a positive influence on my newsfeed :)” -my Kappa Kappa Psi friend, Michelle

This has been a serious highlight of my running career. In the last year and a half, I have never had someone come forth and mention how much of an influence I have had on them, even so much as to TRY running. I had been really doubting myself lately, especially with stress bingeing on foods I had sworn off during the Lent season. This morning I wrote a very negative journal entry to myself, calling myself a disappointment and all I ever seem to do was disappoint those around me…then I turned it around and wrote,

“But not you. Not this time. Go get ’em.”

With less than four weeks until the Historic Half, Michelle’s FB post was the kick in the ass I’ve been looking for. There ARE people out there that support what I do as an athlete; they DO read my posts and keep up with my tweets and track my numbers. It really feels good that people do care.


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