Six Days

Marine Corps Historic Half countdown: 6 days

Today’s run: 4.25 miles in 52 minutes.


I’m dead.


I have definitely undertrained for this race. My diet has essentially flown the coop. I feel sluggish and gross. I kick myself for not staying disciplined through the last two months after Glass Slipper to train for this race, and I know that I will pay for it come Sunday. I partially blame school (we just had finals this week and that meant a week of all-nighters and not leaving my desk), and I blame my severe lack of focus and discipline. I guess we’ll just see what happens when I take off in Fredericksburg, VA for this half. As long as I can make it to the end without getting swept, that’s all I care about. That, and Hospital Hill….

Have you ever undertrained for a race? What did you do the day of to make sure you made it across the finish line?


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