Mandy & Dedric


Today I got up at 0430 on a Sunday morning and began my drive to the Marine Corps #HistoricHalf Marathon in Fredericksburg, Va. I wasn’t running though, this time I was going to show my support and to be part of a very incredible story.  My favorite kind, a love story.


Mandy and Dedric both met in Afghanistan on deployment where they were serving last year. Love quickly bloomed between the two and they became inseparable when they both returned to the states. Earlier this year Dedric decided to sign them both up to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, without asking her first! Mildly annoyed Mandy  started training. They were both Marines after all, and this was something they could train and accomplish together. Sadly life happened and one stressful situation over another had to be overcome but they were there for each other and they grew stronger together. Recently it hit bottom though…

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