Sunday Runday!

MCM countdown: 41 days

Something inside me kicked on this week. Might be the realization of, “Holy crap, I’m running 26.2 NEXT MONTH…why am I being lazy NOW?!”…but no matter what it was, this week I actually got some mileage on my legs. Friday night, when the typical college student is out doing questionable things, I was in the gym accomplishing a 10K. Today, when said college students are typically nursing their night/weekend of regrets and hangovers, I was watching the Chicagoland NASCAR race while knocking out another 13.1.

19.3 miles for the weekend! Woohoo! *confetti*

It feels good to be back in the swing of being athletic. After my Scotland trip, my legs were insanley toned up and we walked anywhere between 5-9 miles a day, give or take. Since then, I was on and off between being a couch potato (thanks a lot, Every Simpsons Ever) to walking around to my classes and not using my car.

I discovered a six-week marathon plan online, and am adapting the mileage to fit me. I consider myself relatively conditioned, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll be covering about 250 miles in the next month and change, but as with any race, it’s about endurance, not speed. And with a marathon, endurance (and the overall experience!!) is critical.



One thought on “Sunday Runday!

  1. Patricia September 14, 2014 / 11:20 PM

    It’s definitely all about endurance – and I’m only trying to take on my first half! I find myself going two whole minutes slower than my usual pace for my LDRs. Good luck on your training! 😀


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