Social Media Blackout Day!


Need a break from status updates, tweets, likes, favorites, pins, etc.? Knock Knock Stuff is teaming up with Marc Hartzman to bring us the Social Media Blackout Day! On October 16th, unplug yourself for 24 hours and live your life in real life again. We spend so much time procrastinating and frying our eyeballs starting at our screens that many of us have forgotten how to interact with people…or basic forms of handwriting…or adjusting our eyes and hands to paper books. Trust me, your (anti) social media platforms will still be there when it’s all over.

Knock Knock’s main article can be found here:

I plan on grabbing my journal and probably my camera to have a lovely day of IRL documentation, with a possible V-log review of how my day went (and to prove that I am still alive!).

My lovely journal. It’s lonely. I need to fill the pages.

See you all on Friday!


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