It’s Marathon Week!

MCM: 6 days


The big day is almost here! Six more days until 30,000 runners take to the streets of Washington D.C. and run with the Marines! I have a feeling this is going to be Disney World on steroids (with people, attractions, and mileage alike). I’ve been doing rather well with keeping my taper crazies on the downlow, but I keep tricking myself into believing that I’m losing all of my muscle in my legs/quads (which doesn’t help when they look and feel squishy–it’s a girl thing, I’ll admit). I hope to get a decent amount of walking in the next couple of days before I do all the traveling starting on Thursday.

I’m finished with midterms week, and received word that I can substitute a class this semester for an elective for my Conflict Management Certificate. This makes next semester (and officially officially my last) a total breeze. (I’m staying solely for financial aid reasons; having the extra money to save up and put towards my rent and GSC 2015 will be helpful, as well. Any grad students out there can feel my pain when it comes to living off of loans for semesters at a time. #gradschoolproblems). Scheduling happens the 29th for grad students, so we’ll see what kinds of fun classes I’ll be taking. (I’m hoping some science courses!)

Once the MCM is over I can start thinking about my academics more, but when the biggest race of your life is around the corner, you can’t think about anything else!


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