Marine Corps Marathon: Day 1

Long, long day. Lots of driving. Quickie wrap-up of the day’s adventures before I fall asleep:

-Survived driving all the crazy roads into DC. (I avoided both the PA Turnpike AND the Beltway. Score one for knowing map skills!) Note: it pays to have extra coffee in the car while driving I-695 and I-95.

-Got six degrees of turned around and lost trying to find the expo….but I ran into my cousin’s apartment complex first. So that won.

-Had expo fun time. Plenty of booths (runDisney was there!) and Brooks Running was the official merchandise sponsor with all the MCM2014 stuff. Heavily debating, even now, about one of the official race jackets….but $65-$90 apiece seems a little steep.

-Navigated the Metro with little to no problem. Once you look at the map and physically navigate the system/get a feel for how the stops work, it’s a very efficient way to get around.

-Saw the White House up close and personal. That was pretty sweet.

Day two tomorrow. A couple pictures are below. More to come!

Expo haul. Made it out without spending too much.

White House. It has a fountain that I never knew about!

Sunset selfie. The weather is going to be FANTASTIC this weekend.


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