Marine Corps Marathon: Day 2


(^^^^adorable ornament I found at the Natural History gift shop. Can’t wait to hang it up on the tree this year!)

After 12 hours of melatonin-induced sleep, I got around to having more adventures.

-I finally got to channel my inner Abigail Chase/Ben Gates by going to the National Archives! We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but take my word: it is a must-see. The rotunda was the highlight, as it showcases the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. One of these days the academic in me will have to return to conduct research.

-Got word that two Kappa Kappa Psi brothers were in the area! After wandering about for a little while trying to find each other, we met up at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Kelly, Doug, and I wandered about and geeked out at the science-y goodness of the place, including the Hope Diamond and butterfly exhibit.

-Got back and ate more carbs and food. Washed my clothes. Pinned my bib. Finally relaxing for a little. I’m so glad I read that the best night’s sleep you can get is TWO days before the marathon…you’re gonna be so excited/nervous/insert emotion that you won’t have much time to sleep!

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was at least a wee bit nervous about this. I’ve never raced more than a half before. This is a full freakin’ marathon….26.2 miles….two half-marathons back-to-back! I’m thrilled for the race course, as it should provide me with enough distractions to keep my mind off the mileage. It was mentioned that the first 20 miles should be run with half your energy, and the last 6.2 with the other 50%. Non-runners/athletes don’t understand what a mental game a race or event is (even musicians are drained after a performance because it’s so mental). The main objective: Beat the Bridge. Get to the 14th St. Bridge by 1:15 and you’re good to go. If not, well, you’re SOL.

I’m ready to make this super fun. D.C. has been good to me. If there is a time to Strive For the Highest, as my fraternity motto says…this is the time. And what better time to do it than running with 30,000 best friends through the streets of D.C., being shadowed by some of the most prolific figures in American history?

The Howitzer firest at 7:55 AM. OORAH!



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