Two Years, Six Races, a Few PRs…

I’ve only been running for almost two years. First race was the 2013 Princess Half (which will always be “my” race, as it started this entire journey). I only did two races that year, the second being a Turkey Trot 10K. 2014 rolls around, and here I go, running #alltheraces with Glass Slipper Challenge, Marine Corps Historic Half, and my first full, the Marine Corps Marathon. Even though I’m a self-proclaimed turtle and prefer to stay in the back of the pack during a race, I’m surprised that my PRs are not that terrible. I whipped up a spreadsheet and listed my split times to get a visual feel for where I stand currently. In the overarching picture, it’s not atrocious. It could be a lot worse (i.e. I could have NO times because I never picked up running!).

As of now, I will probably not race again until Glass Slipper 2015. Current PRs are as follows (splits and races):

5K split: 38:36 (2014 MCHH)

10K split: 1:20:15 (2014 MCHH)

15K split: 2:05:59 (2014 MCM)

Half split: 3:01:41 (2014 MCM)

5K race: TBR (to be run…I have not raced in a 5K yet!)

10K race: 1:25:33 (2013 ERC Turkey Trot 10K)

Half Marathon: 3:06:48 (2014 PHM)

Marathon: 6:51:51 (2014 MCM)

(Amazing that all those PR splits resulted from Marine Corps races! Must be something about the atmosphere that makes me not want to disappoint.)

Currently, I have no clue what my pace per mile is. By simple division, I’m landing between 12.5 and 14.5 mpm, but that fluctuates with every race. Aside from the MCM (which I’m swearing right now I won’t do another full), I have a feeling that I can easily beat all of my race and split PRs next year with a little extra training.

How have your races been this year? Any fantastic PRs? Is your racing schedule not quite done yet and you have some fun winter races scheduled?


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