runDisney: TOMORROW!!!


Princess Half weekend begins tomorrow for this girl! I’m thrilled to be returning to Disney for my third consecutive PHM weekend and second Glass Slipper Challenge. Even though it’s gonna be a little chilly in Florida to begin with, anywhere that isn’t Edinboro will be amazing. (We had -18 temps here earlier this week. My poor car didn’t start and that sent me into a panic over how I was going to get to the airport! But she works fine now, so yay 😀 )

I’m a little apprehensive heading into these races. I feel severely undertrained; I’m definitely not at the same level that I was at last year. So I’m just going to go for it–easily–and hope to not get swept. I have been eating quite well, so maybe that’ll make up for something? I don’t stop for on-course entertainment so that will bide me some time. Ultimate goal, as with any race, is to enjoy it to its fullest. I am SOOOOOO pumped to be running down Main Street in Magic Kingdom once again (the “Storm the Castle” portion).

I very much look forward to my annual winter trip to Florida. Hopefully the weather can hold back a little so I can make it to the airport for my 6AM flight tomorrow. I”m keeping an eye on that radar….

P.S.: Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @runDisneyBelle. 🙂


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