To continue with the Glass Slipper adventures, we shall now head to EPCOT. I did this last year and found it to be great for post-running recovery; walking around (albeit slowly) for many hours really helped my legs be not as sore. This year, even after I ran the PHM, I was feeling really good. Hardly any post-half marathon soreness to speak of (especially in the quads and hips), but I am glad I packed my knee brace just in case (and I needed that about six hours later. During the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon my right MCL decided to get cranky on my for about a month after I finished. This time around, it was my LEFT MCL that was bothering me and the right one was fine!).

Despite that uncomfortable soreness, it was very nice to visit my favorite Disney Park! The preparation for the Flower and Garden Festival were in full swing!


Last year, I was all about Soarin’ and Living with the Land. This year, they were absolutely crowded! I managed to get onto Mission Space (easy version) and Test Track with no problem at all.


Illuminations is the highlight of the day, as always. There is something about the Reflections of Earth music that is bone-chilling for me. I get emotional every single time it plays. And I always have to sing along with “Promise” at the end. Also, I met a wonderful family prior to the start of Illuminations. The parents were both retired educators (one was in music!) and another family member was a vocalist and had participated in ensembles in his collegiate career. They were quite a delight to be around. (P.S. use your Fastpass+ for premium seating for any of the fireworks shows. Worth it.)

11006436_790807534308002_3529705611344844150_n  11000666_790807680974654_79918445200232052_n10991096_790807274308028_5378056397097293132_n  10615567_790807374308018_5010754653565533640_n

10525813_790807354308020_5297227288016009940_n  illuminations

Until next time…



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