Post-GSC: Magic Kingdom, Part I

The last day of my trip consisted of checking out of my hotel and hauling all the things to Magic Kingdom. My red-eye flight didn’t leave until Tuesday, but keeping up with tradition from 2014, walking around for a ton of hours saved my legs from getting the post-run stiffness. So after getting there via ferry (after learning the Monorials were not operating), and getting my park ticket (much hassle there), and securing my crap in a locker (application of mad Tetris skills), it was time for some MK fun!



(WDW is the perfect example of Baudrillard’s concept of hyperreality. Any philosopher or graduate in communications may be familiar with this concept…but that’s a post for another day. 🙂 )

1507688_791162147605874_2884361824764806327_n  10406919_791162177605871_5516393155458509586_n


New Fantastyland and its Beauty and the Beast theme holds near and dear to me, as it is 1. a reflection of France, and one of my fave movies, and 2. filled with magical whimsy. I remember when this whole area was under construction several years ago. I think it’s a fabulous addition that incorporates a Disney classic. (More about this later!)

13017_791162037605885_1878037281585515743_n  10360235_791161987605890_6745586405498514184_n


After exploring my favorites (Haunted Mansion and the Mark Twain riverboat, I went back to Main Street for some ice cream and food. I walked over to Tomorrowland to find a spot to sit. This is where things got awesome.

I brought all six of my medals with me in an attempt to snag a GSC legacy photo somewhere in Magic Kingdom. I hadn’t had much luck thus far, until I met a small group of awesome women who looked like they had run the GSC together. (You can tell these group by the matching shirts and all the bling!) We runners like to congratulate other runners on their accomplishments, so as I was walking over to an empty table, I stopped to congratulate them. We began to chit chat, and I made a mention about the emdals. The one woman, her name is Minnie, mentioned that she was also a GSC legacy and my idea for a photo was a cool idea… but she didn’t bring her medals with her for her own shot.

My suggestion?

“Let’s take pictures of each other, and you can borrow my medals!”

Her eyes lit up and was immediately on board with the idea!

10985913_790904687631620_44476431272161065_n  11024195_791162197605869_1861190132796864596_n

Lesson: the little things in life, the random acts of kindness…they’ll get you places.

What happened next? Stay tuned 🙂



2 thoughts on “Post-GSC: Magic Kingdom, Part I

  1. ishouldrun April 5, 2015 / 6:39 PM

    I think you’ll definitely keep going with this race. You can’t stop now! I may have said differently before but hearing that the WDW Goofy Challenge is on its 10th anniversary this year has made me want to go back and I haven’t even been doing the RunDisney as long as you have!


    • rundisneybelle14 April 8, 2015 / 10:10 AM

      Awh you’re so sweet! Those anniversary races really do suck you in. I’m heading to the New England area in a few weeks after graduation so I may be branching beyond the walls of runDisney.

      Liked by 1 person

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