Post-GSC, Part II: More Magic Kingdom!

After Minnie and I took respective pictures of each other, I was approached and asked by the rest of the group (Amy, Heidi, Shari, and Liz) about what my plans were for the rest of the day. I said that other than doing my FP+ rides, just walking around and stretching out.

I was asked to join their group. I said yes.

How exciting is that?!

Lesson: you never know what a good deed will result in.

Now that I was the sixth member of the group, we all had buddies for rides. This included the Seven Dwarves Mine Ride (which we went on twice!), and the People Mover (which I had not been on before). I broke away for a brief moment to go to Splash Mountain, but it had technical difficulties. They were still upholding FPs for the rest of the day in case it started working again, which was wonderful. I went back and waited for our group at the Mine Ride.

10991092_957272117618482_7482466059881931136_n  10996494_10206301726210507_8232616630016469000_n


While we were there, I was clued in to a surprise for Heidi (dinner at Be Our Guest!). I graciously accepted the offer and was totally in on the surprise. After the Mine Ride we all started chatting about food, and since New Fantasyland was right there, how we should head over and scrounge for food (all secretly knowing Be Our Guest was on the way). So we walked…kept walking…

Then turned around and yelled, “SURPRISE!”

Heidi was in total awe. It was an amazing moment.

Since I was the little stowaway, Minnie and I dashed over to the hostess stand and hoped that they could expand their reservation from five to six people. The hostess called in…

..and it was approved. Happy dances and high fives all around.


This was a definite highlight of the trip. The decor was breathtaking, the food amazing, and the grey stuff…it was delicious 🙂

10985512_791162670939155_6386285096118370834_n 10953200_791162594272496_8892749375165691732_n 10987585_791162374272518_5689703549455439252_n 10994473_791162494272506_842718741814444503_n 10996581_791162567605832_3502000416588129713_n 10996771_791162824272473_4897074491432610542_n 11007721_791162234272532_6628781663215865426_n 11008081_791162397605849_4025035929619725887_n 11009948_791162614272494_2646375013953962679_n 11018363_791162630939159_2133785176250319142_n 11018820_791162464272509_2290418369085820404_n 11021093_791162290939193_1593131365667416196_n 11024639_791162357605853_32553938086316099_n 11025217_791162534272502_7325261139325757355_n 11025742_791162437605845_9087957690031609213_n  10849984_791162687605820_6392567796719488577_n

After exiting Be Our Guest, we went back to the Mine Ride and rode it again! (Note: It’s super awesome at night!)

After this, I bid my new friends farewell and went back towards Splash Mountain, and it was working! I got in line immediately and…was in the very front seat.

(2014 was the front seat for Space Mountain. This year was Splash. I swear, Disney is trying to scare my fear of heights right out of me.)

About halfway through the ride, it stopped. And then the Wishes fireworks began. What a wonderful seat! I didn’t take a lot of pictures at this point, but I can attest to the fact that it was breathtaking.

1513680_791164814272274_8667925246803286256_n 10676316_791162887605800_3149951845812955183_n

That concludes my third Princess Half Weekend and second Glass Slipper Challenge! Thanks for reading 🙂



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