22 Days

22 days.


22 days until I get to adventure.

To explore the unknown.

To travel. Fulfill my wanderlust.

To break from my comfort zone.

To let the compass guide me to a new horizon.

To let my feet take me where I want to go.

To not be confined by routine.

No amount of academic preparation can get me ready for this. Or maybe it will.

Am I ready?


Mentally: pumped. Emotionally: charged.

Let the winds take me where they want me to go.

My soul longs for freedom from behind the walls of the Ivory Tower.

Once I get my comps verdict, I’ll feel so much lighter. I can finally b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

The end is in sight…that white light is stagnant.

It taunts me from afar.

It beckons from a distance.

Will it be for real this time? Or just another facade?

I’ll find out next week.

But right now…it’s time.

Time to begin anew.

In a new place. New friends. New trajectory.

I can’t wait.



Internal ramblings at Starbucks. Gotta love them.

I have exciting news. 😀 *drumroll*

I have been officially accepted to begin training as a whitewater rafting guide in Maine! I cannot think of a better way to spend the next several months than playing in the outdoors, camping out every night, and having FUN. This will be the first summer in three years that wasn’t spent slouched over textbooks trying to make sense of my academics. This position will enable me to combine education AND communications, along with my undergrad background in earth science/geology.

Also, fun fact: outside of a convention I went to in 2014 at UConn, I have never been to the New England states. At all. I’ve heard it is absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to begin exploring! I view wanderlust as not being confined to visiting foreign countries, but also to experience unvisited regions of your home country, as well. Since I will be essentially moving to the area, I have three weeks to pare down my stuff and get ready to become a New England girl! (I will be introducing my sweetie, Michael, in the coming posts, as he is the one I am moving with…AND he kinda sorta helped get me my job. He’s awesome. Promise.)

If anyone has advice or fun facts about moving to or living in New England, or anything about the area in general, let me know!

22 more days. I got this.



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