Blog Appearance…Question for the Masses (That’s You!)

Hi, readers! Here is a question for all of you.

Do you use a computer, or a tablet, or a smartphone to read blogs/articles/internet stuff?

I ask because any time I use pictures in my posts, the formatting seems very off if I’m reading the post from a computer. But when I look at them on my iPhone 5C, it looks polished and pretty.

I like to cater to my audience. And only having words explaining what’s going on is sort of boring. Pictures tell what words cannot.

Sooooo…what medium do you use to read your favorite blogs?


One thought on “Blog Appearance…Question for the Masses (That’s You!)

  1. ishouldrun April 25, 2015 / 4:33 PM

    I use computer and phone to read blogs. Depends on if I’m at work or home doing school work. That’s strange your pictures aren’t coming out well on computer. And I know what you mean about posting more pictures. I never think about pictures when I’m running or racing but I’m trying to make myself take and post more too. Good luck! Can’t wait to see your photos!


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