List of Lasts, Part II: Anthem #176

I knew this was inevitable. But when something has been engrained into your system for years and you’ve crafted it as part of your weekly routine, it is very difficult to part with it.


Today was the last time that I sang the national anthem for our athletic department. Having been at this since Nov. 2010, it has been an integral part of my soul for this entire “Christina’s Adventures in Grad School” saga. Covering many sports across several divisions (high school and collegiate), and even a few non-Edinboro Athletics ones, the exposure and experience that I’ve gained is second to none. While the crowds at our events are relatively small, you never forget the gigantic ones that fill the bleachers from floor to ceiling, or the championship games where the energy is just buzzing from all corners of the room, or the rivalry games where the noise is just INTENSE.

Anthem cover

I’ve developed a healthy relationship with the athletic administrators and grad assistants throughout the years. I’ve gained a new appreciation for many sports that I had often written off as boring. Hell, I now even know what sporty things mean in different sports, having listened to the announcers and asking many many questions. I wouldn’t mind taking an athletic admin job if it came across the table (or continue to be an anthem superstar at a professional level. That would be wicked awesome.)

Meeting fans, students, coaches, athletes, media personnel, and different professors serving as honorary captains has boosted my networking and communication skills. Because of my unswerving dedication, I have many people who will be willing to offer a reference letter or put in a good word for me. Trust me when I say when I get my loans paid off and get an awesome job, I will be donating back to these guys. They gave me this opportunity, so it is proper to reciprocate.

To everyone that I have worked with, coordinated with, met in passing, complimented me, praised my work, gave me free coffee (a la my pre-anthem ritual), supported me by asking  “What number is this one?”, congratulating me…thank you. Your support means everything.

Until next time…



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