Class of 2015!

grad cap
Graduation mortarboard!

The last week has been crazy. I graduated with my M.A. on Saturday, then turned around and packed up my car to head to New England on Monday! My last couple of days in Edinboro were very surreal. Michael came (finally!) and we spent time exploring and saying goodbye to all of my favorite spots. It was hard to believe that after nine years at this college, I was finally leaving.

This is Michael! He’s awesome.

Graduation itself was over and done with very quickly. We processed onto the auditorium stage to the sound of our bagpipe band playing Scotland the Brave (our school song!). I got to sit in the very first row onstage. Oh joy. I got to see all the friends and family that came out to support the 140-ish of us that were walking. I was really happy to be in an air conditioned venue; apparently, the undergrad ceremony was hot and gross in the athletic fieldhouse. (3200 capacity in the bleachers plus rought 740 graduates and additional faculty on the floor.)

Our president doesn’t like long introductions or speeches, so everything flowed by. An hour later, I was all hooded and deemed a master of my craft. It was a serious breath of relief. After all the mental battles I had with myself with convincing myself to stay with grad school and overcoming burnout by changing my major in 2013, the wonderful colleagues I had the privilege of working with over the last 4.5 years, and the memories made with everyone that I met along the way….it was all over with. Just like that. It felt so surreal that my journey at Edinboro began 10 years prior in that very same auditorium, and it came full circle that afternoon.

Being designated as a Master of Arts in Communication Studies (MACS) feels, well…invigorating. And exciting. 🙂

Other pretty pictures:

macs ladies
MACS ladies with our program head.

faiga and I aubry and i

The parentals 🙂
grad shoutout
My athletic department rocks.

After the pomp and circumstance was done, it was dinner nomnom time. We headed up to the Bayfront Grille in Erie and had a delectable dinner.

grille 1 grille 2

grille 3

While it’s sad to be leaving, I’m excited for the next big adventure. After all, that’s what life is about: adventure!

boro sunset


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