Jackpot :)

I came into work today with a package waiting for me. Opening it was like Christmas (happy dance included)…my EnergyBits Ambassador information arrived! There are sooooo many materials to go through in the coming days: the differences between the four types of bits, nutritional info out the wazoo, planning how to market the product and encourage athletes and others to use my code for a discount, etc. 

I also ordered the RecoveryBits, which are just like EnergyBits, but with a different algae. Chlorella algae has insane healing properties; they were administered to those exposed to radiation at Chernobyl and Hiroshima to help with recovery! Chlorella algae also assists in detoxing the body (perfect for hangovers!) and muscle repair after workouts. As the flu season is undeniably around the corner, I look forward to adding these to my daily diet! 

Discount code: runDisneyBelle. Use this for 20% off your bag of bits!! 


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