Marine Corps Marathon…This Weekend!!


It’s almose here! The 40th Marine Corps Marathon is almost upon us. I’ll be taking off for Washington D.C. in the morning, and hitting up the expo tomorrow afternoon and the Pep Rally in the evening. Saturday will be low-key (as I learned from last year that I walked around the city way too much looking at things and killed my legs for the race the next day), and Sunday is race day!

Every time I see my medal from last year, it serves as a reminder that anything is possible. People shy away from any type of distance, thinking that it’s too difficult or they they’re too lazy to even attempt it. Running is not supposed to be easy; it’s a way to test the limits of your heart, mind, and soul as you chase the chance to fulfill a goal and cross off one more item on your bucket list. I took a gamble last year by submitting my information for the lottery, and lo and behold, I was selected. The second that your name is in the spotlight, it’s on you to make it happen. I went kicking and screaming into the second half of the race, and I was angry at the world for weeks on end (I never get a runner’s high, only runner grumpies), but I’m glad I busted my ass, got over that last hill, and took the Iwo at the end.


I am very much looking forward to crossing that finish line–hopefully with a PR! (I’m pretty sure I can beat 6:51:51) Of course, Beating the Bridge is far more important that beating the PR (1:15 PM is that time, or your running shoes turn to pumpkins!). Seeing the monuments and the autumnal scenery will make that time go faster. Most importantly, meeting new people (hopefully some of you that are running!) and building the esprit de corps associated with this race will be the best part of all.

See you in Washington, D.C.! OORAH!


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