GSC 2014 Recap: Part I

So, as promised, here we continue on with recapping my life. Last week was PHM 2013, and now this week we’ll hit on Glass Slipper 2014. This will be divided into two parts: the pre-pre-pre race (as I’m typing this, the backstory is incredibly elaborate and can be supplemented by stalking through my back posts), and the races themselves. Trust me, it will be beneficial to read Part I before Part II, as this may give anyone who is fighting for motivation a bit of a boost. Trust me, I’m there with you! ❤

I had debated about even signing up for GSC, as the Space Coast Marathon Series was rolling out their Big Bang Series challenge. I’m a science geek, but I’m also a Disney dork. Space and explosions vs. glittery girly stuff. Hmmmm…

I decided for GSC. Smarty pants me decided it would be great to schedule a spa appointment ON THE DAY REGISTRATION OPENED. I was just a wee bit tense about making the cut as I lay there getting pampered that afternoon. Once I got out though, I cranked 80 mph to get home. I settled at my computer and saw that the registration percentages were high…but not completely sold out. I eagerly punched my information in… and voila! I was in! *insert happy dance here*

Lesson 1: Don’t schedule anything on registration day. Nothing. Not even a potty break. Unless you’re registering while using the potty. Then props for multitasking.

Now, this was in June of 2013. This was also the start of my quarterlife crisis.

I could not get motivated to train for this race, or do much of anything. Every day seemed to be a struggle. I was hardcore depressed, and I knew it; all I did was lay in bed and cry about how much I hated being in my program (M.Ed-Middle/Secondary Instruction), how much I hated grad school, and hated life in general. I found myself up all night begrudingly doing summer school classwork and sleeping during the day. This lasted for about three months. When the fall semester started, I was still a wreck. Everything annoyed me, and I found everyone to be annoying. I had this consistent ringing in my ears (which I later found out to be a symptom of depression and out-of-whack things happening with your body), I was harboring a highly negative energy that garnered some questionable looks from those that knew me as this super-positive, happy ray of sunshine, and I was just pissed beyond belief at the most stupid things. I had to excuse myself during choral and symphonic winds rehearsals so I didn’t blow up at the ensemble (my tolerance for musical mediocrity is miniscule). To top it all off, our music department got wind of being potentially cut due to reasons unknown in the two weeks before school started. The energy in the department was at an all-time low, and we were trying to keep it all together. Also, I was chartering our chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity, and was clashing with the then-president at the time (I was secretary). Everything was a disaster, and every day just seemed pointless. Even though it is said that exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant, GSC was the last thing on my mind.

Second week into school, I got sick. Full blown flu. That knocked me out for at least a week. I can hardly eat bananas to this day.

The real kicker…a breakup. Out of freakin’ nowhere. Fourth week of school or something. It was the absolute last thing I needed on my plate. Thanks a lot, universe; I love you, too.

But it was also the kick in the ass that I needed to start making changes. Big changes.

Slowly, I started refocusing my thoughts. Even if I didn’t feel like training, I went and pounded out a couple of miles. (Feel free to go back through the October 2013-February 2014 posts and you can find some examples of these workouts. For example…working out while watching the NYC Marathon.) I started eating better and began to invest in EnergyBits as a source of food (not having a fridge as an athlete isn’t ideal, but these little bits helped with that). I found social media to be a wonderful outlet for support, and I began to invest more time on Pinterest absorbing motivational pins (it would take me about ten minutes of looking at those before I grabbed my shoes and headed out the door).  Our fraternity colony started progressing rapidly, and that brought on a newfound sense of accomplishment as we ticked off each requirement to move from colony status to chapter status. I’ll even admit: I went to therapy for awhile. (Yep, chipper ol’ me went to therapy. I thought I was crazy for doing so, but having a neutral source to talk to was therapeutic.)

The biggest change came when I changed my program. After being so miserable in Education, switching to Communications was the best thing I could have done for myself. I felt like this huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I didn’t feel like I was obligated to be a teacher after that day. Everything started looking up. The days seemed brighter. Life was great.

Lesson 2: No matter how much people tell you that you’re good at something, or you’ll make a good *insert profession here*, do what your heart says. You don’t owe it to anyone but yourself to make the right career decisions.

Soon, I really began to throw myself into my training as a distraction after I learned my ex moved on faster than anticipated. I still had to see him in the music department, so it was all the more reason to keep on kicking ass.

Lesson 3: Breakups lead to fit girls. ‘nough said. Hell, even I’m using this mantra right now as I train for WDW Marathon weekend.

I ran my first 10K in November, keep on training through December, 2014 comes, and Happy New Year! I spent that New Year’s not out at a bar, but on the treadmill watching Rockin’ New Year’s Eve on the TV, and “running” into the new year. (I think I clocked in five or six miles that night.) As the weeks progressed, I logged 58 miles in January and 35.5 in February before I left for GSC weekend. I could feel myself getting stronger, faster, more muscular. Accomplishing workouts became an addiction, as did receiving compliments from my colleagues. Academics, KKPsi, music…they were all going so well for some odd reason. (I still believe that when I exercise, good vibes are produced.)

Mid-February, GSC weekend arrived. I knew that the months of training I put into this was going to pay off. I packed up my stuff, jumped on the plane, and headed to sunny Florida!

Up next: Part II: The Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge.

P.S. I do appreciate all of you who took the time to read all this gibbledy gook. It helps to put things in perspective when attempting to recant adventures from almost two years ago. Plus, you get to learn some more about me, and how I’m not-so-perfect as traditional social media outlets may depict people as. Filters and editing can only hide so much, but I prefer to be raw and real for all of you. So thank you!


3 thoughts on “GSC 2014 Recap: Part I

  1. Britt November 19, 2015 / 12:18 AM

    Thanks for sharing such a difficult time in your life. No shame in seeing a therapist either. I’m a therapist that has had to go to therapy in the past!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rundisneybelle14 November 19, 2015 / 1:10 PM

      You’re welcome! Nothing wrong with therapy for anyone. When I was in education, I thought about changing to educational psychology for a brief moment, since I enjoy talking to kids and figuring out what’s up and how to help them deal. Props to you; the therapy field isn’t easy! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Britt November 19, 2015 / 1:15 PM

        Thanks! It’s a rewarding field but can be stressful at times too!


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