12/8 Bibchat: Tuning Out Boredom

Tuesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week lately.

Why? It’s simple:


A glorious hour of the week dedicated to runners interacting on Twitter and answering questions about fitness and running. Sometimes there’s even prizes!

I couldn’t participate last night due to traversing the mountanous New England region in the dark. This sincerely bummed me out. So, to make up for it, here are the questions (and my responses!).

Side note: as a professional musician, I couldn’t help but geek out over the music questions. *squeeee*


Intro: Name, location, share a pic!


Hi, it’s Christina from Pennsylvania! *waves*


Q1. Admit it—long runs can be boring. What do you think about to keep boredom at bay?

A1. A plethora of topics: food, squirrels, weather, how much the hills suck around my town (but are so good for you), more food, neurologic/auditory hypotheses about why my music seems to magically slow down the longer I get into a run, how much money I’ve invested into the last three years for running things…


Q2. What’s your audial method of choice to beat long run boredom – music, audiobooks, podcasts, phone calls, other?

A2. If I’m on the treadmill, the TV wins. Music keeps me going if I’m outside. Podcasts and audiobooks tend to lull me to snoozyland.


Q3. Do you run with a partner or group? If so, how do they help you tune out boredom on long runs?

A3. I’m a loner runner, which is both a blessing and a curse. Being alone gives me time to think, but being with people would give me a chance for IRL interaction (doesn’t happen often).  I tend to make friends with the happy  little squirrels that chase me along the running route:



Q4. How do you cope with boredom on the treadmill? (Music, shows, sports, moves, magazines)?

A4. TV for sure. It helps if there’s sports on. It’s a subconscious mood booster and motivator. (*cough*BostonMarathon*cough*)


Q5. What is your top get-fired-up song for before or during a run? Share a time when it saved you from boredom in the past!

A5. *squeeeeee* Yay music question!

Umm, do I have to pick just one? Yes? Okay, fine.

“Chasing the Sun” by The Wanted. Perfect for those ass-crack of dawn wakeup calls for runDisney races. It was playing during the ’14 PHM pre-race party, and it was the first song (coincidentally) on my playlist.

We’ve only just begun, hypnotized by drums
Until forever comes, you’ll find us chasing the sun

They said this day wouldn’t come; we refused to run
We’ve only just begun, you’ll find us chasing the sun


Q6. What’s the weirdest mind game, method, or mantra you’ve ever used to get through a really boring run?

A6. Hmmm. I turn on Avicii’s “Hey Brother” and think about baton twirling/dance routines for it, and I don’t even twirl baton.

Recently, though, my last 5K I fartleked between houses to take pictures of their holiday light setups!

5k lights





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