WDW Marathon Playlist

What do you listen to? What gets you moving? Need some new tunes for your next run?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been cranking out what I call “Project Playlist” the past few days, investigating the cache of songs in my iPod and determining which would make the coveted WDW Marathon Playlist. While the final list is still in the works, I’m happy to share what I have so far.

I listen to a wiiiiiiiiiide variety of music: slow, fast, orchestral, heavy metal, bubble gum pop, Broadway, Disney, awesomely cheesy ’80’s tunes, it goes on…


Now, being a musician, I went total band geek on this. (Pictured above is the timpani part for Sam Hazo’s Rush, which is a song listed below. See? Band geek.) Not only have I provided the title and artist, but its length of time and beats per minute (bpm). I utilized tempotap.com to determine roughly what each song’s bpm is. As I continue to alter the list, I’ll post additional songs in subsequent posts.

So here we go….

Stand My Ground – Within Temptation (3:52/90 bpm)

Burn It to the Ground – Nickleback (3:28/135 bpm)

Hey Brother – Avicii (4:14/125 bpm)

Wake Me Up – Avicii (4:09/125 bpm)

Chasing the Sun – The Wanted (3:18/128 bpm)

I Believe – Timeflies (3:50/128 bpm)

Charlie Brown – Coldplay (4:45/138 bpm)

American Kids – Kenny Chesney (3:03/170 bpm)

The River – Jordan Feliz (3:15/125 bpm)

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon (3:19/126 bpm)

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (3:39/160 bpm)

Bartender – Lady Antebellum (3:18/101 bpm)

Break Free – Ariana Grande (3:34/130 bpm)

Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammar (3:19/123 bpm)

Hall of Fame – The Script (3:22/90 bpm)

The Other Side – Jason Derulo (3:47/128 bpm)

Crazy Kids – Kesha (3:50/128 bpm)

Applause – Lady Gaga (3:32/140 bpm)

Timber – Kesha (3:24/130 bpm)

He’s a Pirate – POTC, Curse of the Black Pearl (1:30/140 bpm)

Barbossa is Hungry – POTC, CBP (4:06/varies; 95 bpm—132 bpm)

The Black Pearl –POTC, CBP (2:16/varies; 70 bpm—175 bpm)

To the Pirate’s Cave! –POTC, CBP (3:30/varies; 67 bpm—140 bpm)

Be Yourself – Audioslave (4:38/115 bpm)

Big Machine – Goo Goo Dolls (3:10/108 bpm)

Bringin’ da Noise – N*Sync (3:32/112 bpm)

Bring It All Back to You – S Club 7 (3:34/108 bpm)

Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls (4:02/130 bpm)

Sideways – Dierks Bentley (3:04/110 bpm)

Sing Me Spanish Techno – The New Pornographers (4:16/130 bpm)

Something In Your Mouth – Nickleback (3:40/130 bpm)

The Story of Us – Taylor Swift (4:25/140 bpm)

Little White Church – Little Big Town (3:07/107 bpm (214 bpm double time) )

Gangnam Style – Psy (3:39/132 bpm)

Run It – Chris Brown (2:52/100 bpm)

Real World – Matchbox 20 (3:51/118 bpm)

Reflections of Earth – EPCOT Millennium Celebration soundtrack (9:31—bpm varies about 73 times. Good luck with this one!)

Rent – Rent movie soundtrack (3:58/183 bpm)

Reckless – Alabama (3:19/140 bpm)

Roar – Katy Perry (3:43/90 bpm)

Run Around – Jason Radford (2:07/170 bpm)

Runaway – Love and Theft (3:50/140 bpm)

Runaway – Mat Kearney (3:51/138 bpm)

Rush – Sam Hazo (3:34/146 bpm)

Carrying the Banner – Newsies OBC (5:08/varies; 150 bpm near the end counterpoint)

It’s Chili Time! – Red Hot Chilli Pipers (5:12/115 bpm)

Days Go By – Keith Urban (3:55/133 bpm)

Devil Down Below – Gaelic Storm (3:28/145 bpm)

Dragula – Rob Zombie (3:43/125 bpm)

Everybody Have Fun Tonight – Wang Chung (4:17/130 bpm)

Firework – Katy Perry (3:45/125 bpm)

Fly on the Wall – Miley Cyrus (2:31/145 bpm)

Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys (3:44/92 bpm)

Green Green Dress – Tick…Tick…Boom! OBC (2:22/151 bpm)

Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) – Pitbull (3:24/128 bpm)

I Get Around – Beach Boys (2:13/145 bpm)

The Impression that I Get – Mighty Mighty Bosstones (3:15/180 bpm)

In a Hurry – Alabama (2:48/130 bpm)

It’s America – Rodney Atkins (3:29/136 bpm)

Fourth of July – Shooter Jennings (3:47/133 bpm)

Karma Chameleon – Culture Club (4:15/185 bpm)

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel (4:50/146 bpm)

Seize the Day – Newsies OBC (5:22/varies: 85 bpm—120 bpm)

What music are you running to during your races?!



2 thoughts on “WDW Marathon Playlist

  1. audrey December 16, 2015 / 10:54 PM

    Thank . You . SOOo . Much!!!! This list should go viral. You even put the BPM! You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

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