World War II Memorial


I finally got around to experimenting with night photography (exposures, apertures, etc.) on Tuesday night. The World War II Memorial in D.C. is a great place to start. Unlike seeing the memorial in the daytime, when there’s 589265 people milling around, heading there at night is a total 180. There were less than ten people there, and a few of them were photographers doing the same thing I was.


In a shot such as this, I strive for symmetry. The walkways on the Pacific and Atlantic sides are at an angle, so I had to adjust my tripod balance to get a semi-decent level shot. Thank goodness for photo editing software that can get it perfect later on.

Speaking of editing software…I honestly hate using it. I prefer to get my shots right on the first try and using them as-is. Overly-edited pictures look realy obvious and detract from the subject. When I shoot nature pictures, I don’t touch them. Nature is perfect the way it is, so why alter it?


(^^ Not so perfect shot, but this one gets extra points for the airplane streaks in the upper right corner.)



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