Bibs and Bags…Race Day Essentials

I’m deviating away from my typical “PHM Survival Guide” episodes for just a moment to explain a couple of important things that you will see during race weekend. As bib numbers are being revealed, there are a couple of items of due importance that involve these numbers, aside from your corral placement and seeing your results online.

I’m talking about your the physical bib you’ll be wearing on the course, and your check-in bag.

If you’re a firstie and have never run a race before, or this is your first runDisney race, you’re probably still laden with questions that haven’t been answered. And that’s okay! We veterans are here to help you! 😀

First item of business: Your bib.


This was my bib from 2015. The upper left hand corner indicates your corral. (Or, in my case, corrals. Plural.) If you’re a GSC runner, you will have ONE BIB FOR BOTH RACES. You’ll wear yours on both Saturday and Sunday. First corral listed is for the 10K, the second one is for the half. If you’re running solely the 10K or the half, you will have one letter.

On the back…


You will find a place to indicate your medical information. This is critical to fill out ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE MEDICAL ISSUES THAT ARE PREEXISTING. If you happen to have, say, a heart condition, and you just so happen to pass out on the course, the medics will look to your bib first. If you fill it out indicating what you have and what needs to be done, this will help them greatly. If not, then you’re SOL.

This is another reason why people should never trade or transfer bibs. Not only is it illegal (in a race sense) and seriously frowned upon, but in the event that something critical happens on the course, the person running with your bib is NOT the same person as it is registered to. There will be HUGE logistical issues happening, and will cause more headaches than what needs to be.


Also on the back side of the bib is your ChronoTrack B-Chip. This little piece of plastic, while simple in looks, contains the technology that will track your splits and give you your start and end times for the race. DO NOT BREAK OR BEND THIS CHIP IN ANY WAY. If you damage it, you’re SOL when it comes to your time. Keep your bib flat at all times. Don’t just throw it out the window.



This is what your race day check-in bag looks like. (Also known as a gEAR bag. You can see why they make great laundry bags for post-race!) You will receive this at the expo when you pick up your goodies. THIS IS THE ONLY BAG THAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO CHECK IN ON RACE DAY. Why?


Because you’re going to receive a sticker with your bib number on it, and it’s going to go on the little box on the back of the bag. (This is from 2016 WDW Marathon, obviously not matching to the bib shown above.) Once again, this is for identifying purposes. You want your stuff back at the end of the race, right? Do NOT check in anything valuable. You never know what can happen.

This is your PSA about bibs and bags for race time. We have about two and half weeks to go! Happy training/tapering!





2 thoughts on “Bibs and Bags…Race Day Essentials

  1. Jessica February 3, 2016 / 2:10 PM

    Hey Christina! Thanks for the updates! I love reading them and feel more and more prepared. When I’m traveling to a race, I like to pack my race day bag before I leave so it’s all together. Do you know if it’s acceptable to put my bag right inside this one or do I need to take the stuff out?

    Liked by 1 person

    • runDisneyBelle February 3, 2016 / 2:29 PM

      Hi, Jess! Thank you so much for reading; I’m happy to see that you’re getting excited for the race!! Yes, it’s totally appropriate to pack bags within bags, but make sure you’re ready to reveal what’s inside the bag to race security if they ask. Great question! 🙂


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