Pre-Race Thoughts: Time Goals For 2016 GSC

My stomach’s been in knots all day long.

Sure, I’m leaving for my signature race weekend tomorrow. I should be excited and bouncing off the walls. After all, I’m leaving the land of snow and ice and epic grossness that is Pennsylvania in favor of the sunshine and palm trees of Florida. I’m racing my race for the fourth time. I’m maintaining my legacy status with a third challenge run. I’ll be in a familiar environment with fellow princesses with tutus and glitter all over the place. What’s not to be excited about?

There’s something weird about my mindset this time around.

I don’t often get pre-race anxiety. But as of late, it’s been running rampant. Couple that with severe atelophobia (look it up), and I’m setting myself up to potentially hit my wall long before I get to race morning.

But why, Christina? You’ve run this race a billion times before. You’re like an expert when it comes to Princess Half-isms! Hell, you just wrote a whole survival series about it. You’re a pro! Stop worrying!

Yeah. That’s cute. However, it’s not that easy…


In years’ past, I would always come in to race weekend with the goal of taking pictures, finishing, and having fun. I’ve done that with all three PHM weekends thus far. I’ve taken the pictures, I’ve run the courses, I’ve done the things.

I told myself back in January that I was taking my running up a notch this year.

It’s about to take off this weekend.

For the first time ever, I have set legitimate time goals for myself. I sat down after the WDW Marathon and analyzed every single race I’ve ever run in the last three years and all of the splits associated with them. From this spreadsheet, I created plausible A, B, and C goals for both the Enchanted 10K and the Princess Half. Just by looking at them, they’re not outrageously difficult to accomplish (they’re still conservative times for some), but the challenge will be to do it on a runDisney course starting from a middle corral. Each time I have set will result in a shiny new PR that I will seriously scream and cry over (with much happiness) if achieved. And maybe do a happy dance, too.

My goals are as follows:

Enchanted 10K (Current 10K PR: 1:25:33):

A: <1:05:00 (10:28 mpm)

B: <1:15:00 (12:04 mpm)

C: <1:25:00 (13:40 mpm)

Princess Half Marathon (Current Half Marathon PR: 3:06:48):

A: <2:30:00 (11:26 mpm)

B: <2:45:00 (12:35 mpm)

C: <3:00:00 (13:43 mpm)

These goals aren’t horribly unreasonable. It’s not like I’m telling myself to maintain a 7:00 mpm pace (which I can’t do right now unless chased by bees or something). Based on the runs I’ve done during this month between races, I’ve been picking up the speed and averaging around 11-something a mile, and feeling really good afterwards!

The only exception I’m making to all of this is based on the weather. If it’s going to be humid and hot, then I will not overexert myself just to PR. I will try my hardest to do so, but my health comes first, especially with a multi-day run. Passing out for a PR isn’t worth it to me.

I’ve had my fun in the past with taking pictures and seeing all the things. It’s time to put the phone away and race for real. I’m still debating bringing the phone with me as a precaution in case something does happen. I’m changing it up this time and not bringing extraneous stuff on the course, including my music (I tend to lose more time fighting headphone cords and keeping everything in my Armpocket organized). The fewer distractions, the better. My times will still be posted to Twitter and you can find me on the runner tracking program if you wish to follow my times.

The excitement starts tomorrow. Follow my Twitter @runDisneyBelle for updates!




2 thoughts on “Pre-Race Thoughts: Time Goals For 2016 GSC

  1. ishouldrun February 18, 2016 / 7:51 PM

    Good luck this weekend on your PR! I know you can do it! I know what you mean though about having to decide is this going to be a fun/take pictures race or is this going to be a serious/no frills race. Usually I’m gunning for a race time but then I’d end up bummed to not have good pictures from the race like other bloggers. But I think you’ve taken so many great ones at the Princess Half over the years that you can totally “relax” and focus on the racing this year. You know how Disney is – they’re great but it’s not like the course changes that much from year to year. You won’t miss anything once you put the phone away at the start! Can’t wait to hear how you do on your times!

    Liked by 1 person

    • runDisneyBelle February 20, 2016 / 3:27 AM

      Awwww you’re so sweet!! I can’t wait to tell you how I did! Feel free to track my times or follow on the Tweet-machine 🙂


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