Mini-Update From D.C.

I miss blogging.

There. I said it.

I’ve been at it in D.C. for over a month now. As much as I appreciate my hospitality/restauranty job and this new opportunity, I seriously miss blogging and being able to immerse myself in runDisney and all things Disney-ish. Writing my PHM Survival Guide and race recaps were so exciting for me earlier in the year. Every time I refreshed my stats, I saw them aggrandizing at an alarming rate. I mean, 10,000+ views in two months? That was unheard of for me. Playing the role of “runDisney semi-expert person who wants to help the new kids on the block” was very fulfilling.

People asked me if I wanted to consider blogging full-time. The thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. My parents even offered to buy me a new computer for blogging purposes, especially if it was going to be a full-time thing for me. I had found my niche in writing. It was driving traffic to this here Glass Slipper Catalyst. I loved what I did (and on some scale, what I still do).

Then life happened. Job. Moving. Chaos. Cupcakes.

Adjusting to a city such as Washington D.C. from the rural cow-filled lands of northeastern PA hasn’t been easy. I went from cows, corn, and rolling green fields to buildings, noise, horribly long commutes (Metro, I’m looking at you), people…so. many. people.

I enjoy working with my team, and my managers are fantastic. The patrons that frequent my place of work offer me great advice and encouragement for city survival, which I’m grateful for. I had said I was willing to give this a shot, and I still am. I mean, I’m still young, scrappy, and hungry…

My Shot
Chris surprised me with this when I got my job. I think it explains it all 🙂



I still miss blogging. And even running at times. And blogging about running. And developing fun content to write about that revolves around Disney and running and stuff.

Never fear, though. I do have a few things on the horizon…

Lion King

-I have a list of upcoming races which I’ll reveal soon. (No better motivation to write than to sign up for a bunch of races!)

-I’m making an impromptu trip to Disney World for the EPCOT Flower and Garden festival this coming weekend! (This will be my first legit relaxing Disney trip ever. I’ve either been to Disney for a school trip, chaperoning a school trip, or to runDisney. This is going to be so weird not packing running gear or musical instruments or anything.)

This time in D.C. is only one of the many steps on this crazy adventure called life. Whether I’m here just for a short while or here long-term remains to be seen. I have to remind myself to follow my own compass and figure out what is best for me, and not what society thinks is right for me.

Living life by my personal compass…



I look forward to posting about my adventures soon. 🙂


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