Summertime In the City

Gear up for several picture-heavy posts that recap my summer. We start out with some scenes from D.C.! Enjoy!

Storm’s a-comin’. D.C. was plagued with some fantastic thunderstorms this summer. I ran outside of The Hamilton and took this (facing West towards The Treasury). 
The best Ambassador to France we’ve ever had!
Leg day, anyone?
Arlington National Cemetery…you really never know who you’ll stumble upon.
Steps at the ANC.
Neighborhood in the NE quadrant.
One of my favorite buildings ever!
Scaffolding is slowly coming down. Hooray progress!
Union Station is becoming one of my favourite haunts. Incredibly historic and picturesque.


Classic Starbucks.
Supreme Court. Chris and I sat in on a lecture back in August.
Supreme Court staircase…sepia tone.
Staircase again…black and white.
Sunshine through the trees by the Reflecting Pool. Traditional summer shot.
It was a sweltering summer, with heat indexes well over 100 degrees on most days. I had a #MileageMonday through Georgetown during one of these hot, humid days!
Columns on columns.


I traversed the Constitutional Gardens one afternoon and stumbled upon this memorial commemorating the 56 Declaration of Independence signers.




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