2017 Princess Half Expo Reminders

It’s almost here!! Who’s excited?! 🎉🎉

One thing that every runDisney runner had to do is head to the expo. Not only will you pick up your bib, shirts, and other race day things, you’ll also get to browse around and check out the many vendors in the Josten’s Center and HP Fieldhouse. Below are the hours for the 2017 PHM Expo:

A couple of reminders from runDisneyBelle about runDisney expo-isms:

  1. If you are running the 5K on Friday, you must attend the expo on Thursday to pick up your stuff. If you’re running GSC, you must attend by Friday to get your stuff. If you’re running only PHM, come by Saturday to get your stuff.
  2. Make sure you have your race waiver signed (you can print this out at the expo), and your ID ready to hand in. Upon checking in with the volunteer at your bib station, you’ll will also sign a big book next to your bib number indicating you’ve picked up your bib.
  3. Glass Slipper runners will have their picture taken with their bib. This helps expedite the process of verifying challenge runners when it comes to receiving your third medal at the conclusion of the half.
  4. Enjoy the expo, walk around, see what there is to see. Don’t spend all day here, though. You don’t want to wear out your legs just walking around! For those that haven’t been here, there are stairs you’ll have to navigate, and it can be a bit of a distance from where you park to the entrance.
  5. Be patient if the line to actually get IN to the expo is long and winds its way around and around. There’s 25,000+ runners attending this weekend, so pack your patience and a well-charged phone.
  6. Make sure to get your picture with the race banners!


2015 GSC


There are also characters at the expo, too!


While the expo may be a lovely place to get lost in and look at all the shiny things, one concept does stand out over the rest…


It’s just stuff.

There is no sense getting violent and crazy over stuff.

Don’t ruin your racecation, or anyone else’s, by fighting over wine glasses and overpriced t-shirts.

I understand some of you are diehard collectors, but be mindful of where you are, the audience around you, and the purpose of this weekend: it is not to see who can sell a runDisney Dooney to the highest bidder on eBay. It is to promote friendship and magical memories through athletic activities and accomplishing your dreams through running and camaraderie. Remember…the internet is forever. Mind your manners.




See you real soon!!!




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