Dapper Day 2017

I took off for Florida on Saturday morning and came back to DC Sunday night. Super quick trip, but I had a blast!

I run on Dunkin and Disney.

Once I got to MCO, I got dressed in my Dapper Day outfit and hailed a cab to Magic Kingdom. (For future travelers, it’s gonna cost you around $80 or so for this.) 

When I arrived at the TTC, it was a breeze getting through security, which makes more sense being in its new location than right before the main MK gates. The weather was all sunshine and blue skies, and about 90 degrees. I was SO pumped for warmth! ☀️

I had to wait a couple of hours until Chris got off of work, so I meandered about and did the picture thing:

I read up on Dapper Day, which is a huge cult following over in Disneyland. I noticed many cute outfits (So. Many. Polka dots!) and I felt like I came right out of the TARDIS and landed smack in the 1950’s.

I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible when taking pictures of people and groups:

Now, what did I wear?

Dress: New York and Co.

Purse: Kate Spade

Shoes: Target

While I didn’t have anything authentic from the 1950’s, I decided to go with something relatively cool and flowy to stay comfy in the heat. Pairing yellow and red gave the ensemble a Belle-vibe. The shoes, however, tore my feet apart after two hours and had to switch back over to my running shoes after two hours.

Pearl necklace: Ralph Lauren

Lip gloss: Cover Girl

Pearls go with everything, and a strong red lip with neutral eyes paired well with the outfit and the heat. Those that I observed having more authentic ensembles went all out with hair, makeup, accessories (lots of ☂️ and 👒!), gentlemen in full suits…props to them for bearing the heat with all of that on.

Chris arrived around 4-ish and we took off to Pecos Bill’s to meet his friends Erin and Megan! And, of course, all the photo ops:

And onto more adventures…

We went on Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear, and Megan and Erin departed soon after. Chris and I hopped on Carousel of Progress (one of my favorites!) and grabbed Mickey pretzels after.

We caught Wishes at the end, and to be honest, it’s a pretty show, but doesn’t hit me in the feels like it does for others. I am curious to see what the new MK show will be! 🎆🎇

Surprise trips are truly the best. I had a fantastic time with Chris and friends. I am pumped to return for my 30th birthday in June! 💖


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