The Weekly Review

I still cannot believe that we are almost into Mid-May. Where the hell has 2017 gone?! I was legit just in Florida last week, and have been attempting to play catch-up this week on sleep and sanity, with “attempt” being the key word!

–This biggest news I have comes on the heels of a decision I made on Friday. After a lot of soul searching, and with the encouragement of my Twitter/Insta buddies, I am stepping away from the hospitality industry, and have submitted my resignation. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve been very unhappy in my current position for months, and it has been affecting my physical, emotional and mental health. I’ve been down this rabbit hole once before, and I plan on nipping it in the bud this time around. I have a solid two weeks before I am finished completely, so this will be a time of transition. No doubt there will be plenty of thoughts and feelings to share with everyone, but I know it will be for the best.img_7040

–I stumbled across a coffee shop in DC called Bakers and Baristas. I am a sucker for lattes, so I decided to try one out, along with a piece of butterkuchen, which is a German cake served for afternoon coffee. Delicious!!


Bakers and Baristas reminded me of a café in Scotland: small, cozy, a little dark, and well-worn.



–Princess Half 2018 Registration…I’m in. See my last post. ‘nough said.


–For all of you Hamilton fans, there is a book out there called the Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life.  I picked up a copy at the National Archives on Sunday, and haven’t put it down!


Have a great week!


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