It Is Done. Life is Good.

Yesterday was The Day.

I clocked in, did my job, and clocked out.

The day went by fast. Every time I turned around, another hour had passed.

I gave a lot of hugs. Oh, so many hugs. And a few high fives.

I spent some quality time with my fellow hosts, the bartenders, the front waiters, the managers. Gave them my thanks and wished them the best.

I didn’t cry. I didn’t change my mind. I walked out the door with my dignity intact and a new vision.

I woke up this morning. The sun rose, the birds sang, the rain sprinkled the leaves.

No feelings of dread, no feelings of regret, no negativity.

Just peace. Acceptance. Gratefulness. Things I haven’t felt in forever.

I made my coffee and took a shower. Opened my computer and started writing. Started dreaming. Mentally making lists of what I want to do and where I want to go.

One variable across all those thoughts remains constant:

Half Full Everyday:

Keeping that mug half full at all times. Or completely full.

Just not overflowing. Spilled coffee does no favors for anyone. 😉

Good vibes bring great things.

Here’s to you, and here is to the future.




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