Quit Talking. Begin Doing.

Our buddy Walt Disney sums it up best: you can only talk about dreams and goals until you actually have to set forth and accomplish them. Talk is meaningless unless you have the results to back it up.

I’ve been talking about Florida for five years. Ever since my spring break trip to Daytona Beach in 2012, I have had this burning desire to return for the long run. I get my fix every year with runDisney, but in 2016 I visited FOUR times (twice for non runDisney events!), and have already been three times so far this year.

D.C. has provided me with a city experience, but it has reached the end of its impact. The Eagles’ “In The City” sums it up best:

Somewhere out there on that horizon
Out beyond the neon lights
I know there must be somethin’ better
But there’s nowhere else in sight

It’s survival in the city
When you live from day to day
City streets don’t have much pity
When you’re down, that’s where you’ll stay
In the city…

No reason to stay is a good reason to go.

So as of today, I have started the job hunt. I’m targeting the central Florida area, and hoping that something comes along relatively quickly and that I’ll be down there before my 30th birthday… which is in 3.5 weeks.

It’s a fast turnaround, I know. The more I think about it, the faster I want to get there.

So here is to a relatively painless process and those palm trees and theme parks on the horizon!

vintage FL map


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