The Weekly Review

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful time kicking off the prelude to summertime and being with friends and family, and remembering those who have passed on defending and fighting for our freedom.

I realized that I haven’t done a proper Weekly Review in about two weeks. For those that are avid readers and/or followers on the socials, you know that I am officially in the Land of Funemployment. My last day was this past Tuesday, and I have been biding my time by relaxing and unwinding. I have officially started my job hunt, and my first application was submitted two days ago (woot woot!).

There’s been some cool things that have happened, so without further ado…

1.Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The final installment of the POTC series released on Friday, and naturally retail stores have been promoting the movie through products. I stumbled across these adorable makeup pallets by Lorac at Kohl’s. The collection includes the eyeshadows, a cheek pallet, and lip products. (All sold separately.)



Disney Store (of course!) has official Disney products on their website. This compact mirror is very sleek and my favorite out of the collection.

2. Alex and Ani braceletse73acdf4-13ea-444c-ad1a-6395e726e4f6

I have debated about investing in the Alex and Ani Disney collection. The Merida bracelet is one of the newest, but I resonate with the Ariel bracelet even moreso given my current stage in life. AHHHH decisions! Regardless, these four are gorgeous, and a must have for any diehard A&A collector!

3. Springtime Weddings!

I had the privilege of attending a wedding of one of my hospitality colleagues yesterday. As with any fancy event, I had to do something with my long hair other than have it up in a sporty bun or down and boring. Enter: curling wand. It takes me a solid half hour or more to curl all the way around, and additional time for touchups. This flex hold hairspray from Drybar kept the curls together all night through the ceremony and the dancing!

Dress: Merona. Found it in a Clothes Mentor in Erie back in the day!
Gorgeous set of pipes!
Reception at Clyde’s at Willow Creek Farm
TARDIS groom’s cake!
Table #6! Me, Anna, Kyle, and Christine.

4. Powered By Bits


I’ve been a consumer of EnergyBits for several years, even before they made their appearance on Shark Tank. I became an ambassador for the company back in 2015. With impending training looming on the horizon for Chicago and Marine Corps Marathons, it’s time to get my health into tip top shape! Read up on the benefits of spirulina algae here, and if you’d like a discount code for your next bag of bits, “rundisneybelle” will get you 20% off!

5. Nikita Sitting!


As a side hustle, I am a pet/house sitter. More often, I sit for my cousin as she and her husband are out and about on adventures. Every now and again I get to sit for this adorable kitty, Nikita, while her owners are on adventures. I’m back down in the DC area for the next week, and I consider these gigs like a retreat of sorts: gives me time to relax, refocus, get work done, etc. I feel far too complacent and lazy at my home base. Hopefully this week will yield to high productivity, on both professional and personal levels.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!!



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