Oh, We’re Halfway There…

Hey, July. What’s up? Didn’t see you there.

Like 2017 has been so far, each new month comes out of freakin’ nowhere and I’m stuck looking around, exclaiming, “Where has 2017 gone?!”

I’ll write a “halfway through the year recap” soon, but to keep you all up to speed real quick, here’s a couple things…

I pen this from my hometown. I had it on my schedule to come visit home, and I am glad I decided to do this sooner than later. My father has been diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver, along with portal hypertension and psychotic liver, plus ascites. A sudden spike in his iron levels contributed to this onset (and he’s had high iron levels all his life, so I am betting anything it is hereditary, since his father had the same issues).

He is terminal.

It is only a matter of time before he passes.

(Trust me, I’ve done my research and talked to mom. There’s no level of drugs, transplant, or cyborg livers that can undo this. The mounting pressure from the abdomen swelling can cause him to have a heart attack or internal bleeding. He is also lacking blood pressure to his brain, which may cause lapses in memory and behavioral cognition.)

Dad’s always been the outdoorsy, adventurous type, hence the Dumbledore quote.  He doesn’t want a funeral, nor does he want us moping around too much after he goes. Typical dad, haha.

2. I will be up here for a few more days, getting the car inspected and having a birthday dinner for my brother, Jake (which I suspect will be our last dinner as a family), then I’ll take off for Maryland. I have another pet sitting gig in DC for a week shortly thereafter. 🐢🐾

From there, well, stay tuned. Despite the sadness surrounding my life right now, there is some happy news to share…

…when we come back from this commercial break. πŸ€—


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