Studies in Wanderlust, Ep. III: Abbotsford and Rosslyn

Welcome to Episode Three! If you need to get caught up, here’s Episode One and Episode Two.

Today we adventure to Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott’s mansion (more like man cave), Scott’s View, and Rosslyn Chapel!

I also apologize in advance of the quality of some of the pictures. I shot the majority on my iPhone 5C, which definitely doesn’t show the quality of what everything looks like in real life. Trust me, I cannot wait to replicate this trip and redo all the photos!


SWS was diagnosed with polio at the age of 2, which left him with a limp. This limp prevented him from ever serving in the military. I learned during our walkthrough tour that he sort of made up for this by searching for and decorating his mansion with weapons of all sorts. He was also a big fan of Scottish Baronial style architecture, and this influenced his interior decorating, as well.


Second gun from the bottom is Rob Roy’s:

Notebook and pen set in the middle belonged to Napoleon.



Soon after, we journeyed to Scott’s View, which is said to be SWS’s favorite viewpoint¬†overlooking the Scottish Borders.


To wrap up the day, we went to Rosslyn Chapel! This was the premise of The Da Vinci Code, in both the novel and 2006 movie. Photos were unfortunately not allowed inside (and have been forbidden since 2008)…


Next adventure: Isle of Arran!


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