Studies in Wanderlust, Ep. IV: Isle of Arran

Welcome back to Studies in Wanderlust! Today we voyage to the Isle of Arran.


If you need to get caught up on the adventures, here are the links to Episode One, Episode Two, and Episode Three.

We started the day by traveling to the Ardrossan port where the ferry would hustle us across. Caledonian Maritime is strict with punctuality, so the “fashionably late” trend will not cut it here if you’re planning on taking a trip.


The weather for this day was calling for on and off rain and clouds with a bit of a chill. Perfect day for long sleeves and a fleece vest.



We reached the Isle and boarded our tour bus for the day, which was more like a thrill ride. The drivers certainly know their way around the place, and with zippy speed! (Just ask those in the back of the bus who fell out of their seats with every turn.)

The grass certainly is greener on the other side. The views, even though from a moving bus, were breathtaking:



Our destination was the Arran Distillery, where we toured and learned the ways of single malt and blended malt whiskies.


Tasting glass used for sampling 10 and 14 year old malts.

One fun fact I learned is that adding ice to whisky really messes with the overall flavor. Enjoying it neat is the best way to experience it, or you can add a couple drops of water to open the flavor up.  



We parked ourselves outside to enjoy our lunches (and for me, one too many Arran Gold truffles) and absorb the greenery..including the sheep across the street. 🙂



We boarded back onto the Thrill Bus and looped all the way back around to the town and where the boat was. We were free to explore, so Lisa and I took off, and eventually found our way to solid food!



One of the best parts about the Isle of Arran was being immersed in the rich culture. Arrran is very small, with its population being less than 5,000. The accents are heavy and filled with Scottish awesomeness  (if you listen closely, you’ll pick up on some Gaelic, too). The food plentiful and homemade (no chains here!). The scenery, untouched by man, is something to truly experience.

I highly recommend taking a day trip here. Trust me, I can’t wait to go back!


Up next: Another day in Edinburgh! Edinburgh Castle, scenes from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the Edinburgh Tattoo!


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