Hello, September

Ahhhh, September. The prelude to the most wonderful season. While we still have to wait a few weeks for the Autumnal Equinox, we can start the celebration a tad early with scenic pictures of leaves, countryside, apple cider doughnuts, and coffee, of course!

The farther north you are, the sooner the temperatures begin to fall and the leaves begin to change. This shot was taken when I lived in Maine, and the autumnal fire began at the beginning of September. No complaints here!

As we start the last third of 2017, I am so so SOOOOO happy to announce that I have finally landed a job!!! *happy dance*

I am SO relieved that something finally came through. I’ll be starting in mid-September, and while that doesn’t assuage my financial anxieties, I’m content with getting back into the workforce and expanding my network. It’s still not my dream job, but it’s still fun and I plan on making the best of it. (Before you ask, it is not Disney. Trying to get a job in Disney World is like trying to get into Harvard or Stanford. Good luck.) 

It’s September 1st, therefore witches and wizards are boarding the Hogwarts Express for the start of term!! Even better, September 1, 2017 marks 19 years since Harry’s scar last hurt. Truly, all is well.

Speaking of Halloween, Disney has already launched Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This will be at Magic Kingdom and will run through the beginning of November. If you plan on going, MNSSHP is a seperate ticket that is required. Check out the details and information on the Disney Parks Blog!

Nothing is better than seeing the Mickey pumpkins on Main Street!

If you’re an Alex and Ani fan, you’ll be delighted to know (if you don’t already know) that there have been new bracelets released just in time for the change of season! They are Haunted Mansion themed, and include the Singing Busts, the Haunted Mansion logo, and Madame Leota.

Universal Orlando is gearing up for Halloween Horror Nights! I went last year and had a blast. If you’re up for a great scare and have an appreciation for horror movies and original haunted houses and mazes, HHN is the perfect place for you. Just like MNSSHP, it requires a seperate ticket for admission. Check out the latest details here!

I haven’t talked about running much, but that may change here very shortly. As the temps start to dip, we enter fall marathon season. You’ll see some of the big names like Chicago, Richmond, and NYC. For me, Marine Corps is on the agenda. The countdown is at 50 days!

Do you have any exciting fall plans?


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