It’s Hurricane Season…

Welcome to this edition of “Florida’s Hurricane Season”! Here is my update on my preparations…

I have been prepping the past couple of days and studying the radar for the past week. Being a bonafide weather weenie, I’m excited to experience a true hurricane in whatever form it will be once it makes landfall in Florida. I did get to experience Sandy in 2012 in NWPA, and prepped accordingly during that. We got some wind and rain, and I ended up with cupcakes for days. At the time of this writing, it is still two days away. Anything can happen. GFS models and spaghetti plots can only show so much.

I refuse to submit to the ultra-hyped hysteria that is sweeping social media. I’ve mentioned this on some of my other channels: unless Irma comes  to my door with a chainsaw, I’m remaining chill. No good decision ever came from being in a panic. Obviously the danger with ANY storm remains real. You just have to be smart.

As I’ve been prepping, I’ve thought of some conventional Hurricane Hacks:

-Head to the flower/garden or electronics section of Walmart. The register will probably have fewer people than the main registers. Just make sure you have <10 items.

-Buy a flash drive to back up your pictures, documents, music, etc.-Out of bread? Bake cookies/muffins or buy cake. It’s still bread, and you can spread almond/peanut/sunflower butter on them and have your carbs ready to go. Don’t have eggs? Applesauce or pumpkin puree will also work.

-Don’t see normal water? Try coconut water, or buy a Brita and fill random containers around the house and stick in your fridge/freezer. This includes coffee mugs/tumblers, empty water bottles (stick in freezer for ice packs), gelato containers…

-Toilet paper running low? Need a quick wipedown/”bath” and the power is out? Use baby wipes! It’ll work in a pinch.

-Need sandbags? Other things can work, like kitty litter or potting soil. (Works wonders for northerners needing more traction in their cars during snow season.)

While this is potentially serious, and have acknowledged what has already happened so far, it is important to maintain a sense of humor. I appreciate all of the memes and silly events and whatnot that have emerged, and of course, I have Simpsons references for days. (Rubix cubes, anyone?) 

I will update as the excitement unfolds.


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