Hello, November


I looked at my watch during my shift last night and saw that it was 12:30 AM. Officially November. Wow.


baby reindeer
Take note I said November. It ain’t December just yet! Keep those trees in the woods for another couple weeks.


2017 is winding down. Hot damn. We’re in the final 5K of this marathon of a year! It’s been arduous and trying, exciting and rewarding, from so many perspectives. I’m going to make it a point to write posts reflecting these areas throughout the month. We traditionally give thanks in November, specifically on Thanksgiving… but just like every other major Hallmark holiday, its meaning shouldn’t have to be concentrated into just one day. I mean, do you just love a significant other solely on Valentine’s Day? Didn’t think so.

November, for me, is going to be a relatively quiet month, which is perfect for reflection and introspection. I’m getting the bearings on my new apartment and hopefully it will be transformed into a more homey environment instead of a hollow, bare space that echoes even the slightest fart. Coming down off of Halloween excitement, we’re transitioning to ultra peak season so the next couple weeks will be lacking hours at work, but I’m hoping to find a telecommuting job or something I can do online to make my rent. (Money and rent = #1 stress in my life, always.)ย 

november 2




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