Hello, December


Welcome to the final month of 2017! In a few short weeks, we’ll be ringing in 2018. Crazy. As axial tilt gives us shorter days and colder nights, partake in your traditions and enjoy time with loved ones and friends. *insert sappy holiday-isms and humorous anti-holiday-isms here*


For example…


So, what have I been up to? Let’s see…

Starbucks Seasonal Beverages


When I want to indulge in December, or when I have a terrible day at work, I choose a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Pairing that with a warm blanket to snuggle with and some TV is my favorite way to recharge that doesn’t involve copious amounts of sleeping.

Cozy Clothes  


This was my Friendsgiving outfit. I am gravitating towards bigger and cozier clothes that offer more coverage around my core, as it is an area of self-consciousness for me. Most of my tops hit me right at the hips and ride up incessantly. Totally annoying. This pink cable knit from Walmart is chic and cute, especially paired with dark denim.

Cherry Blossom Kickoff Party

cucb 2018 kickoff

I did a quick trip to DC to attend the CUCB kickoff party. I would not have made this free trip without frequent flyer points/miles, so shoutout to JetBlue and Delta. 

cucb 2018 shirts

We got to vote on the official shirt color, and while I voted for the green and pink one (shoutout to my sorority, Delta Zeta), the slate gray won.

There was plenty of food and fellowship between runners. I had the privilege of meeting Marine Corps Marathon race director, Rick Nealis!

cucb 2018 mcm

There were also 25 guaranteed entries to the 2018 CUCB 10-Miler, and I managed to acquire one. I will be returning to DC in April for the Runner’s Rite of Spring!

UO Fun Run 5K

UO Fun run

Recap coming shortly for this race that I did on Saturday. It was my third 5K, and while it was my slowest time (51:25), I definitely PRed in character stops with 11!

UO FUn run finish





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