Hey, everyone.

Long time, no post. I know.

This year has been…interesting. Outside of the few races that I have run and you may have read, I’ve felt very demotivated and low-energy toward most aspects of my life, including maintaining any consistency with my writing. Here’s an overview…

The bad: I lost my dad in March due to hereditary Hemochromatosis. We all knew it was coming since last year, and at the end of March, his body just kind of imploded on itself. When it comes to death, relationships, what have you…everything has a time, and everything ends. It’s been easier to come to terms with the whole situation with that bit of wisdom.

My love life: a shining light, to be honest. I exited my previous relationship in March (everything in my life happened in March, it seems), and entered what is the best relationship I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many! I am so thrilled for this new opportunity and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Running/BQinBerlin: Pretty sure the BQ ain’t happening this year. I haven’t been motivated to train for Berlin, and I was paranoid that I wouldn’t be able to go on the trip at all, because finances. (And everything in my goddamn life revolves around money and lack thereof.) However, with a little savvy searching, I’ve found some incredibly great deals on cheap fights. I have also partnered up with one of my Instagram runner buddies for lodging! With two months to go, everything is slowly coming together.

My training…well, I work outside all day, so the heat/sweating/hydration factor is taken care of. Depending on the venue I’m at, I can get between 3-6 miles a day, sometimes more if it’s a longer shift. And if the elevator is out, I take the stairs. With 50-some days to go, it’s not too late for me to get my butt in gear, especially with the light growing brighter that the trip and travel portion is coming together.

Running/runDisney: Like I wrote in my 2018 Princess Half review, I am on hiatus from runDisney for the forseeable future. There are plenty of other races to sign up for.

My career….still hasn’t taken off. I’m certain this is the most prominent reason for my deflated spirit. I’m still being a programmed robot going through the motions every single day with my personality and creativity being squashed little by little. While I was blessed with full time and benefits in February, it’s not enough. I have been rejected by our internal application site so many times even though I am fully qualified for everything that I’ve applied for (and I have my own choice words to say about so many behind-the-scenes elements that could be overhauled and improved, yet will fall on deaf ears). Naturally, I’m searching to take my intelligence, talents, and energies elsewhere, and am holding out as long as possible here. I have thought of dabbling in YouTube to bring the stories you read here to life…I’ve also done enough stupid shit in my life to have stories for days. If you have ideas for topics, let me know!

Being a WDW AP…has paid for itself five or six times over. While I am blocked out currently for the summer until mid-August, the minimal monthly payments for a weekday select pass are extremely manageable. ($289 total, or $14-ish per month after 50% down payment.) With hyper peak summer season upon us, one-day tickets with a park hopper are near $200. One and a half tickets equate to my Annual Passholder pass. Granted, many need their fix of Mickey more than I do, and their AP might be fancier. But for what you’re paying…it’s worth it.

I hit my one year of living in Florida a couple weeks ago. Naturally, it’s been a journey, and I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long. Time really has flown…

Now, I just gotta get myself to the beach…

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