Red, White, and Blue 🇺🇸❤️💙

Happy Independence Day! Today I’m sharing one of my new favorite outfits which incorporates a couple of classic summer pieces that will keep you cool and comfy during those warm summer months. Down here in Florida, there’s no shortage of heat!

(Yes, I know the photography isn’t perfect. But hey…being perfect is boring and yet I’m still getting the point across. 😊

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Just providing honest feedback.)

I picked up this Ralph Lauren polo shirt (100% cotton) when I was in Washington D.C. at a T.J Maxx. The blue is vibrant and versatile; I’ve paired this with dress pants, jeans, shorts…and it looks fantastic in and out of an office. Also, having multiple buttons gives me the option of being more or less conservative depending on the setting. (I am wearing a Medium. If you have broad shoulders, size up.)

I was in the market for new khaki shorts, and this pair of Vineyard Vines shorts is one of the coziest pairs I own. The 3 1/2″ inseam gives me the right amount of coverage so I don’t get dreaded thigh chafing. What impressed me the most was how well they fit in the waist. They don’t cut into you giving that “muffin top” feel, and there is a bit of stretch.

Now, I hate shorts shopping. I feel like nothing ever fits correctly and I leave perturbed. I went to try this particular article on, taking both a 4 and a 6. (I hover around 28 or 29 inches in the waist, but every store everywhere has their own definition of what sizing means to them.) I found that I was swimming in the 6, and the 4 was a drastically better fit.

For makeup, I went with this red lipstick (applied lightly…I prefer a gloss), and a light coating of this mascara by Guerlain.

What you don’t see in this shot are my shoes! I found the cutest pair of red gingham sandals at Abercrombie and Fitch a couple weeks ago. I very much prefer shoes that encase my feet and have ankle support, as I tend to fall out of shoes quite easily (especially heels). These are comfortable enough so I can go short distances and not tear holes in my feet. (No traipsing around a theme park in these babies!)

Have a safe and happy holiday! 🇺🇸💙❤️🦅

Bringing Home the Burberry

Note from Christina: This is not a partnership, and I’m not being paid. All opinions are my own.


I stumbled across the Burberry Eau de Parfum at a Nordstrom Rack when I was window shopping in DC back in July. I fell in love with the warm notes of the fragrance and dreamed of one day owning a bottle of it.

I finally got my chance a couple weeks ago while mozying around a Nordstrom Rack here in Orlando. There was one box left, and I jumped on the opportunity to bring home the Burberry! Luxury items rarely find their way into my hands, so I felt this was a special treat to start 2018 with.

This fragrance is warm and musky with hints of sandalwood, amber, and cedarwood, topped with fruity notes of peach and apricot. It’s not overpowering and rather cozy, which makes it a great accent for a romantic night out!

Pictured above is the 30mL/1oz. bottle, and it retails for $30.

Beauty in the Outdoors

I’ve been living in the woods since May, and I finally got to move from Maine to New Hampshire this week.

When I say living in the woods, I’m talking legitimate ‘camping in a tent and surviving in the wilderness at a whitewater rafting resort’ living where you shower twice a week (if you’re lucky) and wear the same shirt for days on end because you’re working so much and can’t do laundry. It can take a toll on you mentally and physically, for sure. (Sleeping on an air mattress every night really messes up your back, and getting dressed every morning hunched over since the tent isn’t tall enough for you to stand upright in was a pain in the butt.)

Here are the things that made my woodsy experience a little easier, and some key items that helped me stay semi-clean and put-together in such an environment.

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SLEEP: First and foremost, I really learned the value of sleep this summer. I had no problem staying in on a Saturday night when the bar and restaurant were hopping with people and live music to catch up on some shut-eye. (There was one night that I crashed at 5PM and woke up at 6AM the next day.) If you know you’re running on fumes, push the FOMO feelings aside and cuddle up with your favorite stuffed lobster and polka dot pillows. It was a satisfying feeling when most of the staff came in hungover beyond belief the next morning and I was there, chipper and energetic at 7AM opening up the gift shop, totally sober.

(Inside of the tent.)

Face lotion and witch hazel. Always make sure your lotion has SPF in it! (This is the CVS version of Cera-Ve, and comes with AM and PM versions. Great when they’re used together!) Also, witch hazel is perfect for just about anything, and is so cheap! It’s perfect from anything from toning your face, to diminishing the swelling of bug bites, and patching up your face when you trip and smash it into a bridge. True story.

Jergens Ultra-Healing Lotion: Being a dishwasher twice a week took a toll on my hands. This lotion was perfect for restoring my skin and its moisture balance. Also great for soft, silky feet in the morning!

Good ol’ H20: Water was my drink this summer. I never was very far from my water bottle(s) or a source of fresh water. I figured that a combination of lots of water and Maine mountain air helped to clear up my skin. (It was riddled with acne and yuckies from grad school.)

Outside of the tent during teardown mode.

St. Ives, Caress, and Dove: I didn’t run around with overly-scented items. The bugs would’ve been on me like flies on poo. The St. Ives scrub also doubled as a mask, and was great for getting a soft, clean feel after a day of being in the sun and running around. I had the Dove Shea Butter deodorant since school and came in handy to smell fresh, while the Caress Vanilla and Sandalwood body wash provided a nice scent transition from summer to fall.

Coppertone Clearly Sheer SPF 30: I discovered this sunscreen at the Princess Half expo this year (hooray free samples). This sunscreen was light, airy, had great coverage, and was non-messy as an aerosol.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: I’ve been through so many brands of lip balm, but I keep going back to the Burt’s Bees brand. It’s light on my lips and has a subtle flavor. The vanilla was my go-to this summer, but I also enjoy the mango-flavored balm, too!

Take note that I don’t have any makeup reviews in this post. I’ve been makeup-free all summer!

What products did you use in your beauty routines this summer?