2016 PHM Survival Guide

All posts relating to the 2016 PHM Survival Guide are now corralled here for your convenience. Enjoy!

Note: if you’re reading this in 2017 and beyond, ignore the dates. Most of the info beyond that remains the same, and if something major changes, I’ll update.

PHM Survival Guide:

Episode 1: The Race-Packing Menace…Where Did My Socks Go?

Episode II: Attack of the Expo…I Have HOW Much In My Bank Account?!

Episode III: Revenge of the Pre-Race Jitters: ‘t’was the Night Before Your Race…

Episode IV, Part I: A New Race: The Ins and Outs of Race Day!

Episode IV, Part II: A New Race: Pees and Sees Along the Course 

Episode V: The Glass Slipper Strikes Back…How NOT to Get Kicked Down the Palace Steps While Running 19.3 Miles

Episode VI: Return of the Post-Race Blues…What Happens to You Physically and Emotionally After a Race

Episode VII: The Race Awakens…Final Thoughts From Christina

Additional Things of runDisney Interest:

Bibs and Bags: Race Day Essentials

2016 Waiver and Corral Information

Runner Tracking Information

2016 PHM/GSC Merch Preview

2016 Team Shenanigans PHM Podcast


Race recaps are under the “Race Recaps” section of the blog header bar.





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